How to Customize Your Exhibit Display

When you’re preparing for a trade show, one of your main objectives should be to make sure you stand out from all the other companies that are attending. This means customizing your display, so attendees will become interested in your company before they even get to the table. These suggestions for customizing your booth could help you get the attention of other businesses and impress attendees so they become customers.




The colors you use for your trade show furniture and other items can make a big difference in the way attendees perceive your business. If you use lots of bright colors, attendees will get the message that your company wants to provide customers with an entertaining experience. This is ideal if you have a company that offers party supplies or items that are designed for children. For instance, neon colors could appeal to teenagers or young adults, while primary colors are attractive to younger children. Colors can also show the sophistication of your company. If you’re using metallic shades or a combination of a neon and neutral color, this could make your booth stand out, since it shows you value a combination of modern creativity and timeless elegance.




There are several accessories you can add to your exhibit, as well. Special counters decorated for product demos or to give attendees the chance to take an online survey to win a prize could motivate potential customers to stay at your booth long enough to get the information they need to patronize your business. Trade show flooring that makes it more comfortable for attendees to stand while they discuss your products and services can also serve as a customization tool. This is especially true if your logo is also featured on the flooring. You can also include trade show furniture, so people can sit and relax for a few minutes at your charging station. Folding furniture that can easily be broken down and stored may be a great idea if you’re working with a small space but still want to make sure your exhibit is different from the tables around you.




Working with a tech team to develop an app for your business will make your exhibit more customized if you have a way to demo the app and show attendees how to use it. Setting up a monitor that shows a short commercial about your business is an appealing feature, as well, and can serve to answer most questions so attendees can decide if they want to purchase from you at the trade show.


Team Members


Your team members can also make your trade show booth one of a kind. Whether you decide to have a mascot at your table or want your team to dress in corporately clothing in a nontraditional color, you can utilize your employees to make your exhibit one that attendees will remember. Clothing can give an impression before any verbal communication, so items that feature your logo or a hue that is hard to forget lets attendees know you’re taking a unique but effective approach to marketing.

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