How Many Staff Members Do You Really Need?

When preparing for a trade show, you can put dozens of hours into designing your trade show kiosks and displays, updating your printable marketing pieces, gathering materials, and arranging meetings. However, one of the most important factors in your exhibit’s success is the staff members who will be in the booth. Whether you’re new to trade shows or you’re trying to make your event more successful than in the past, our experts at Exhibit Wholesale have some guidance that can help.

How Many Staff Members Do I Need?

The number of staff members you will need for your trade show booth depends largely on its size. It is generally advised each staff member should have about 50 square feet of space in which to guide visitors throughout the booth and speak to them comfortably. In a typical 10-x-10 booth, you’re starting with 100 square feet. With any size of booth, you should calculate how much space will be taken up by your displays and subtract it from the total. Then, divide the total by 50 to see how many staff members you should have. With a standard 10-x-10 booth, this should calculate to one to two staffers.

There are, however, a few considerations to remember. First, you never want to have only one staff member in the booth. If an issue should arise or even if he or she needs a bathroom break, it leaves your booth unattended. This will not only lose opportunities for contacts but will actively leave a negative impression on visitors who stop by and see an empty booth. In addition, it’s also a good idea to have an extra staff member who can walk around throughout the trade show and interact with people. Still, “the more people, the better” does not apply here. Having too many staff members will make your booth seem overcrowded, and if a visitor stops by and sees there is not enough space for them to enter comfortably amidst the trade show kiosks, you may miss an important contact.

What Type of Staff Members Do I Need?

When planning your trade show staffing, it’s not just about having the right number of people – it’s also about having the right people. Staff members need to be engaging, enthusiastic, positive, and knowledgeable. It’s truly a difficult and crucial job, and selecting the right personnel can single-handedly break your ROI. It’s not a job that should be assigned to the lowest available person. One of the earliest parts of your planning process should be identifying the best people and preparing them well so they are knowledgeable about the latest developments in your company and about how to guide visitors to the next step in the conversion process.

A trade show is a large investment that your company makes, from the booth price to the display materials to the time commitment. Choosing the right staff to trust your booth to is an important part of the equation for success, and the above tips can be your guide.

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