If you’re preparing for an upcoming trade show, consider bringing a hanging sign along. A hanging sign is one of the that will draw people to your booth and increase interest in your products and services. The key is to make sure that you’re hanging sign coordinates with your trade show exhibit design and speaks directly to your brand and product.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure that your sign is one of the that stands out the most.

Make Sure Your Sign and Exhibit Are Connected

Even though the hanging sign is one of the that will make the booth more noticeable, the sign shouldn’t be separate from the exhibit. This is one of the best ways to make sure that attendees notice your exhibit, and increases the chances that potential customers will spend more time at your booth.

Display the “Hierarchy”

If you have a parent brand that is an umbrella for smaller companies, make sure your hanging sign indicates this. You can use several hanging signs around your exhibit that are color-coded to promote your connection to your component brands. This lets potential customers know they have several options when it comes to finding the products or services they need.

Give the Sign Dimension

Choose a basic geometric shape and add pegs to the panels so that the bottom of the sign looks like it’s coming off of the wall. If you use a bright color for the sign as well, you’ll get the attention of the trade show attendees quicker.

Use Appealing Materials

Find creative fabrics or items to use for your , including your hanging signs. Choose objects that represent your brand or company well, and create a sign that is visually appealing. For instance, Zevia, a calorie-free soda company, made signs of iridescent discs to represent the bubbles in the soda. The discs were set on a metal frame and resembled an upside-down wedding cake. If you’re promoting cookies and other baked goods, your signs can be in the shape of cookies or pie slices will draw customers in and prompt them to ask more questions about what you have to offer.

Create Images that People Won’t Forget

Your hanging signs should be among the that will boost your marketing efforts. Instead of simply using a solid color for the background of your sign, try using small replicas of your products in a wallpaper design. For instance, if you sell lawn care tools, print small lawn mowers as the backdrop for your sign and make sure your font is in a contrasting color.

As you’re putting together your trade show hanging sign designs, take a look at the booths from past trade shows you’ve attended for inspiration. Keep your company’s logo colors in mind and make sure that you’re using the brightest colors for the backdrop and the darkest color for the sign wording. Be sure that your sign’s wording is concise and includes phrases that will pique the interest of the customers.

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