Elements to Add to Your Custom Exhibit Display

When it comes to the choice of elements for your custom exhibit, the sky is the limit if you are not afraid to try new ideas. There are so many graphics, devices, accessories, pieces of trade show furniture, and other materials you can choose from that it can take you hours to go through the list. But, of course, you can’t have all of them in limited space. So, here are some elements you can add to your custom exhibit display.

  • Portable display counters

Trade show booths are inconceivable without display counters. Where would you put your display items without one? But display counters are not just for displaying items; you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as to hand out samples and to hold a one-to-one conference with visitors. Add one or more portable display counters to your booth. These budget-friendly, easy to set setup up counters can add a lot of functionality to your booth.

  • Interactive kiosks

In a crowded trade show booth, the staff is often too busy to attend to over half of the visitors. Also, a lot of visitors are too shy to ask questions and would rather interact with a computer if there is one.  Interactive kiosks are designed to provide just the solution you need to engage all of your visitors. An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal that people can use to access the information they need. Kiosks can also be used for communication, entertainment, education, and commerce.

  • Pop-up displays

You can make your displays more functional and interesting by using pop-up displays. Available in sizes that range from 5 inches to 20 inches and bigger, they are great for making an impact. Not only do pop-up displays allow you to display your products and graphics in creative ways, they also add to the beauty of the place when aesthetically arranged. You can even use the case of the larger displays as a podium in the absence of a proper podium.

  • Large format graphics

The more visually attractive your booth is, the more visitors you will get. Large format graphics, such as wall posters and banners, are visible from far away and act like a beacon for hungry eyes. If they also have colorful and attractive images and texts, people will need no further enticement to head straight for your booth. The graphics should be clean and simple, with one big or two big images, and not more than one or two sentences of text.

  • Casual seating area

With all the people, noise, and miles of walking to do, trade shows can quickly exhaust visitors. That’s why wherever there is an empty chair, it is quickly occupied. Adding a casual seating area in or near your booth is a great way to attract people. They will come to sit and rest and also look at your displays while there. You can use the opportunity to interact with them, invite them to see a demo, and hand them leaflets and brochures.

  • Private conference room

Trade shows are noisy places. With all the sounds, music, and announcements, you often need to speak in a loud voice to make yourself heard. So why not make a private conference room in your booth to hold a one-to-one conference with the visitors? Besides allowing you to talk to in relative quietness, your prospective customers will also love the fact that you are treating them with deference. That’s just human nature.

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