Easy Ways to Make your Trade Show Booth Noticeable

Constructing a standard trade show booth with simple brochures and a few details is no longer enough. Individuals who attend trade show events want to see more. They are interested in finding the best products and investing in the greatest services possible. Therefore, for your brand and business to be noticed, you need to do something big and out of the ordinary.

Creating an eye-catching display will help achieve this. However, standing out and being noticed is easier said than done. The following tricks will help you become noticeable in the best possible way.

Be Bold

One of the easiest ways to stand out and be noticed is by being bold. Your trade show booth should represent your brand in the boldest way possible. You want to use bright colors and innovative designs that will display your vision in the best light. The trade show furnitureyou use should also work well with the design.

Add Banners

Banners are an excellent accessory to have as part of your kiosks. They can be customized to say whatever you need them to. However, the most effective banners are ones that have a bold color that stands out with the company’s name. If banners have too much text on them, people will not stop to read them. Instead, they will be ignored and will become part of the background instead of being a focal point.

Another banner design that goes a long way are those that have attention grabbing phrases or questions on them. If you can get attendees intrigued by what you have to say, they will want to ask questions about the products instead of you asking them.

Include a Scent

Scents are a great way to attract attendees when they are passing by. They are also an excellent way to make your booth more noticeable. Scents can help connect individuals to your brand. The idea is to have one specific scent which will become your brands signature scent. Doing so will make potential prospects connect that scent with your specific booth: creating an instant connection.

Have a Mascot

Having a mascot as part of your trade show booth is also an easy way to stand out from the crowd. The business mascot can cause a large crowd to circle around. People will want to listen to what you have to offer them. They may also want to take pictures with the mascot, which works great as they will post it on social media and tag you in the images.

Having Large Screens

Having large screens is also extremely beneficial as it allows you to spread your message easily without needing to speak to the crowd. Instead, you can let your video speak for you; this will give you more time to interact with the attendees that are near your booth.

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