Using the Right Lighting to Showcase Your Products

Lighting can make a huge difference in the way your marketing products are perceived at a trade show. To bring attention to the right promotional items and present your company in the best way, the right lighting is important. Lighting can also showcase your company’s creative abilities and give attendees a great impression about your business. Keep these factors in mind if you decide to incorporate lighting into your trade show display.

The Right Team

Choose an exhibit labor team that is experienced when it comes to lighting. Some teams will come to the trade show with their own equipment, which will be one less thing for you to worry about. If you have to bring your own lighting, consult with your labor team ahead of time to make sure you’re selecting the right equipment. Be sure to take a look at some of the work the team has done in the past, so you can get a feel for how your trade show exhibit will look. If the trade show is local, you may even be able to see a live demo of the team’s work before the show.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colored lighting may be among the trade show services that some labor teams offer. While this may be appealing, make sure that you’re not choosing too many colors for your display. A color that matches your company logo could be ideal, especially if you have notes of gold or silver in your marketing materials. These metallic shades come across well in lighting, and soft yellow or white light can be used as a spotlight for the items you want to showcase the most. If you want to use bolder colors like blue or red, choose the softest hues so they won’t be too overwhelming for attendees. A spotlight or disco ball light featured on one or two of your marketing materials can also be attractive. To make sure they aren’t too overpowering, turn these lights on when you’re getting ready to draw the names from your raffle or are preparing to offer a limited-time promotional item.

Consider Your Audience

When it comes to lighting, think about the audience you’re trying to appeal to. Ask your trade show services or exhibit labor team to provide a strobe light or multi-colored lights if you’re marketing to younger consumers. This makes your products or services seem more fun and exciting. If your demographic is an older crowd, soft lighting with yellow or orange tones may be suitable since the lighting isn’t overwhelming but grabs the attention of the viewer. It may also be a good idea to add music to your lighting effects to make your trade show booth stand out even more. Classical or easy-listening music is often a nice touch for a more conservative crowd, while popular music may appeal to younger consumers. Lighting and music combined with a colorful and professional trade show exhibit could impress attendees and turn them into established customers.

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