Does Your Trade Show Exhibit Need Lighting?

Now that you know the items and features you want to include at your trade show exhibit, you’re probably wondering if lighting should be a necessary part of your trade show display. The right lighting can make your entire exhibit come along and sends a message to trade show attendees that you’re both professional and creative. Here are a few ways to tell whether extra lighting will make a difference in the way your trade show booth is perceived.

Do You Have a Flagship Item?

If you have a main product that you want to focus on during the trade show, you can use accent lighting. This type of lighting isn’t too overwhelming or glaring but still brings attention to your best product in a way that will interest attendees. Talk to your trade show laborteam about a small light behind or above the product. This can provide just the right effect, especially if you eliminate any clutter around the product to make the lighting more effective.

Do You Have Small Items?

If the items you sell are small or hard to see, lighting can definitely come in handy. Work with your trade show labor team or event coordinator to come up with creative ways to direct attention to your products while they’re on the trade show booth table. For instance, a tiny strobe light or flashing light may be a good idea, and you can play music that coordinates with the flashing of the lights to make your display even more exciting.

Is the Trade Show Venue Well Lit?

If the trade show venue is well lit, there may not be a need for you to add accent lighting to your display. However, if the lighting is dim, and you want to make sure attendees can see your signage and products, additional trade show lighting may be a good idea. Soft lighting can work best in medium or dimly lit settings and can even make your products and trade show display look more inviting.

Are You Using Colored Lighting?

Incorporating colors into the lighting is a great way to make sure your trade show exhibit stands out. Talk to your event coordinatorabout which colors fit your booth. If your product is created to incite passion or a call to action in people, you can use colors like red or orange to highlight your product. If the product is meant to give a sense of tranquility to the customer, blue lighting could work well. Lighting that has a green tinge to it is ideal for natural or organic products, and the lighting itself can add a beautiful finishing touch to a trade show display accented with green and neutral shades of brown.

Remember these practical and design-related tips for each of the trade shows that you attend. You’ll find that it will be easier to communicate with the trade show labor team because you’ll know exactly what you want. It’s also a good idea to take some before and after pictures of your trade show booth so that you can get an idea of what attendees are seeing when they approach it.

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