Does your Exhibit Need Hanging Signs?

When you are designing your trade show kiosk, one question may come to mind “do I need to hang signs in my exhibit?” The truth of the matter is your trade show exhibit should be an extension of your brand and business.  It will be the very first impression individuals who attend the trade show event will get from your brand.

First impressions are very important. They are the first thing people will see and remember. Therefore, your trade show equipmentshould have your brand, logo, and slogan on them and that includes hanging signs. So, to answer your question “does my exhibit need hanging signs?” The answer is Yes! Here are a few reasons why.


Hanging signs are an excellent way to display your company’s logo on a larger scale. You can hang as many signs as you like anywhere on your kiosk. By doing this, you can also save money on space. If you cannot buy a large area to put your trade show exhibit in, you can always build your display up. The key is to hang your signs high enough for them to be seen from far away.

Getting Noticed

Before, you purchase and design your hanging sign make sure you consult your trade show event coordinator as they will be able to tell you how high your trade show sign should be. In most events, the sign needs to be around 2-25 inches in height. The higher you can hang the sign the better. This will make it easier for attendees that are far away to spot your business.

Getting Creative

You can get creative with hanging signs. Being creative with your sign will give you an edge, and your attendees will be able to spot you from afar and recognize your company wherever it may go. This will give your booth a fantastic and cohesive look.

Create a Professional Look

Your trade show booth will look more professional when you have signs that identify you. Your signs should be secure enough to walk under and around, as many attendees will walk around them and may even touch them. Therefore, you want to have your logo on every banner you have around your kiosk.

Send a Message

Having signs also allows you to send a message to your potential consumers. You can share with them what your end goal is as well as why they should trust you to help them with their needs. This is an excellent way to get people to talk about your business and products. This message will also help you create a buzz around your products and services.

When choosing your hanging signs make sure they correlate with your design and display. They should also showcase your brand as well as its colors and message. Everything should look well put together and cohesive.

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