When you’re putting your trade show materials together, it can be challenging to know how to create a booth that will attract customers and improve the reputation of your brand. Trade show booths that are the right size can make a huge difference in how attractive your booth is to customers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when determining the right size for your trade show accessories and display features.

Consider the Event Space

The display stands and table throw should be large enough to be noticeable, but small enough that they adequately fit into the event space. Your display should clearly show your company’s name, slogan and contact information, so that trade show attendees can see it clearly from 10 feet away. This is one of the first ways that you’ll brand awareness with your trade show materials. If you have banners or displays with bullet lists, make sure that each bullet point is no more than 10 words. Remember, you want to be as concise as possible, so that you’ll pique the interest of customers and motivate them to ask more questions. It may be helpful to visit the event space before the trade show to make sure that your display is the right size.

Think About Your Team

When you want to determine the right size for your booth and trade show accessories, think about the number of people who will attend the trade show with you. If you’ll only have two or three team members with you, a smaller display is best. If your team is larger, a more expansive table may be appropriate. It’s important that your team members don’t have to walk far to get to customers. Your trade show booth should be professional yet approachable. If you make the table or display accessories too large, it may come across as intimidating when it’s time for customers to decide whether they want to purchase goods or services from your company.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

In general, the bigger a trade show booth is, the more it will cost. Think about your budget so that you’ll select a booth and display accessories that are effective but not too expensive. If you spend too much of your budget on the display materials for the trade show, you may not have enough to hand out appealing marketing materials that could lead to regular clients.

Your trade show display should definitely stand out. However, be sure that you’re being practical as you work to build successful client relationships. When you consider your resources, the size of the event space and the specific way that you want to draw customers in, you can come up with creative ways to utilize trade show appearances for successfully marketing your company. The right trade show booth with all give your organization a great reputation within your industry, which can lead to more lucrative business to business opportunities.

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