Do You Need a Portable Trade Show Booth?

Building a custom trade show booth can be expensive, and you may not even recover your costs if things do not go as expected. When the trade show ends, you will have to dismantle the entire structure. So, why not use a portable booth along with the trade show supplies that come with it instead? Portable trade show booths are versatile, easy to transport, and easy to assemble. More importantly, they are far less costly and allow you to add extra features and elements without stretching your budget.

Here are four good reasons why you should consider using portable trade show booths.

  1. Easy to assemble and transport

The name says it all. Portable booths are easy to transport to the exhibition site and back. They are equally easy to assemble and disassemble. Once the components are delivered to the site, they can be assembled and made ready for use within hours. This will save you a lot of time you might otherwise have to spend designing and building a custom trade show booth. If you are running out of time, renting a portable trade show booth makes a lot of sense. But even if you have plenty of time, it still makes sense to use them.

  1. Greater flexibility and versatility

Because portable trade show booths are lightweight and modular, they can be easily moved around and configured to suit any purpose. You can turn them to face any direction, add and remove components as needed, and combine two different components to create a new structure. You can reconfigure portable booths for many different types of events, including exhibitions, sales meetings, workshops, conventions, fairs, and fetes. The flexibility and versatility they offer make them ideal for companies that have a tight budget and a small staff.

  1. Available in a wide range of options

Portable trade show booths are available in a wide range of options. Not only can you choose from different types and styles of booths, you can also choose modules to create your own custom style. This allows you to change your style from show to show without having to spend a lot of time and money in designing and building. Plus, they come with a lot of choices in accessories, such as different lighting options, pop-up displays, and banner stands. This is why portable booths are preferred by companies that regularly participate in trade shows.

  1. More cost-effective than custom booths

As mentioned earlier, building a custom trade show booth from scratch can cost a lot of money. Since you cannot transport it to another trade show or back to your office, you have to completely dismantle it after the trade show ends. You may even have to discard many of the materials used. If the visitor turnout is not as good as expected, you may not recover your investment. On the other hand, it doesn’t cost as much to rent portable trade show booths, and many of the accessories come at discounted costs. Once the show ends, portable booths can be quickly dismantled and returned to the rental company. Thus, they are more cost-effective than custom booths.

Do you need a portable trade show booth? Now that you know the benefits of using one, you probably do. Remember to get your portable booth and trade show supplies from reputed exhibit companies only.

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