Do You Have to Have a Trade Show Banner?

Now that you’re organizing all your trade show accessories and coming up with creative ideas for your booth, you may be wondering if a banner is a necessity. There are several reasons why a banner could make your trade show exhibit stand out, but there are also a few things to consider before you include a banner in your display.

Counter Size

Consider the size of your trade show counters when deciding if a banner is necessary. If you have a small table, or the trade show venue isn’t that large, a banner may not be a necessity. However, you can find a small banner that will match the size of the table to make your display more noticeable. For instance, if you don’t have table covers and still want to make sure that your exhibit will draw attendees, a banner that displays the name of your company and a short description of the products you offer could be just enough to get people interested.

Additional Trade Show Accessories

If you have other marketing materials in place, you may not need a banner for your exhibit. For instance, if there are poster-style signs behind your table or you’ve mounted a tablet or monitor to your table to give attendees a short commercial to watch about your business, these features could eliminate the need for a trade show banner. This will also keep you from cluttering the trade show space since this could be overwhelming for attendees and keep them from spending so much time at your booth.

Photo Ops

If you need a backdrop to take pictures with attendees, a banner could serve as one of your best trade show accessories. This is important if you’re live streaming the trade show as well since it’s a great marketing tool that could appeal to those who are watching the trade show online. The banner can also serve as a way for you to display all pertinent company information and leave your counters clear for product demos or to display smaller marketing items, such as samples and pamphlets.


If you don’t have a very large trade show display, a banner may not be necessary. A large banner could be hard to store if you don’t have a separate facility for keeping your trade show items when you’re not at marketing events. If you live in an area that rains or snows often, you may be able to forego the banner since it could get damaged because of the weather. A small banner could work well for your display if you have a place to store it in your office that is temperature-controlled and secure.

If you decide that you want a banner for your trade show kiosk, a quality provider that can include the colors, fonts, and designs you want on your banner is the best way to go. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your banner coordinates with the rest of your marketing materials to increase brand recognition with attendees.

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