Different Types of Pop–Ups

During your preparation for your trade show, you’ve probably noticed that there are a number of pop-up displays to choose from. These types of displays are ideal if you travel for trade shows often and want to make sure you and your team can set up your displays on your own.

There are different types of pop-ups that include features that will make your trade show display one to remember, which can lead to a more substantial client base after the trade show. Here are some design options you may want to try.

Matching Sign and Podium

A pop up trade show exhibit that comes with a matching podium is great if you’re at a trade show where you’ll have time to give a short marketing speech to attendees. The podium is also an ideal place for you to conduct product demos. Making sure that the podium also has your company’s logo and contact information is another effective way to market your business and make your company artwork more noticeable and memorable.

Lit Pop-Up Display

Adding lights to your pop-up display will catch the eyes of attendees and draw them to your booth. Positioning the lights to showcase a picture of your product or your company logo, and serve as an effective tool for getting attendees to ask more questions about what you have to offer. It may also be helpful to add a light or two around the actual trade show table so you can showcase marketing materials and promotional items.

White Fabric

With a white fabric pop-up display, you can use different display elements to change your trade show exhibit as you see fit. If you change the color scheme of your logo or slogan, you can use the white fabric as a backdrop for a projector after you make the proper edits to your slides. You can also use the white fabric to display moving images that coordinate with music to make your trade show booth more visually appealing.

Picture Pop-Ups

You can also use picture pop-ups to display the most flattering aspects of your company. A large, detailed photo of your product can give potential customer insight into what you’re offering even before you get a chance to speak with the customers. Picture pop-ups are large and noticeable, and they let people know exactly where your booth is, even if they’re all the way across the room. Using minimal wording on the picture pop-up will bring more focus on the actual services and products you offer and make attendees more interested in trying your products once they arrive at the trade show booth.

Be sure to talk with your team about the pop-up displays that will work best for your budget and available trade show space. Choosing the right images and display size can be another way to make the trade show successful for you.

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