Different Types of Banners

There are several ways to use a trade show banner to your advantage. The banner is a great way to market your business, even before you have a face-to-face interaction with a potential customer. Depending on your industry and the type of impression you want to give customers, the right banner can make your company memorable after the trade show is over.

Here are the types of banners that you can use to make your trade show exhibit unique.

Roll Up Banners

Roll-up banners are one of the easiest to carry, so if you’ll be traveling far for the trade show, these banners are a good choice. Make sure that the banner clearly states the name of your business, and use bullet points to showcase the features of your product or service. You can also use the background of the banner to display a picture of your product or to showcase your logo.

Electric Scrolling Banners

Electronic scrolling banners can display a number of images. You can use one screen to showcase your logo and another to talk about the benefits of your products. Another screen can also showcase your contact information and social media pages. If you have pictures of satisfied customers or reviews from these customers, you may also want to use this on the banner with the permission of the customers. Bright and vivid colors are also ideal for these types of banners and will draw customers to your booth so you can further showcase your products.

Square Hanging Banners

Square hanging banners are ideal if you have lots of items that you want to showcase on the actual floor of your trade show area. These banners are also a modern way to display all the pertinent information about your business. Each side of the banner can explain a different aspect of your business. Make sure the banner is in colors that match your logo and slogan and choose lighting that will properly showcase your signage. If you’re incorporating product demos or have a prize wheel at your booth, it may be best to have a square hanging banging to save up space.

Adjustable Banners

Adjustable banners are also ideal for traveling, especially if you and your team are putting your trade show table together yourself. You can make the banner large or small enough to match the size of your table. For this type of banner, ensure that the signage is in bold letters and the image on the banner is bright enough to be seen from a far away.

Modular Banners

These banners can be used as the main source for displaying your product info and contact information for your company. The more appealing you make the images on your banner, the more likely it is that customers will remember your trade show display.

Of course, you can also use a combination of these banners to make your trade show exhibit unique. Your table covers and marketing materials should also match the colors and styles displayed on your banner so that customers see that you’re organized and committed to excellence.

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