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Creative Ways to Capture Trade Show Leads

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One of the reasons you attend trade shows is to get the leads you need to make connections with potential customers. However, it’s important to go about this process in a way that isn’t too forceful or unattractive to attendees. Here are some creative ways to get the information you need from the people at your next trade show.


Hold a contest or raffle at your trade show booth to motivate attendees to provide their contact information. You may also have to bring in trade show equipment, such as a prize wheel or a machine that makes edible items like popcorn or coffee, to keep potential customers at your booth long enough to get their contact information. Every hour or so, pull a name from the raffle and provide the attendee with promotional materials or a code to make discounted purchases on your website. Or, you can have a large drawing at the end of the trade show for a major item, such as a computer or flat-screen television.


Use technology to your advantage when it comes to getting the leads you need. Trade show supplies, such as a tablet that is attached to your trade show table, can come in handy. You can also display a short commercial about your business on the tablet to give attendees information about your company before asking for their contact details. This can also be done with a smartphone or laptop, depending on the space you have.

Social Media

If you’re live streaming the trade show, let attendees know they will be on your social media account in real time. This may encourage them to provide reviews about your customer service and products, and you can reward them with marketing items for their willingness to provide useful information that can help you improve your business.


Give attendees immediate incentives for giving you their names, addresses, and online contact information. For instance, offer a free sample of your product once you see that an attendee has provided lead info. You can also provide a coupon for the first 100 attendees who provide their e-mail addresses. If you’re at a trade show where you don’t mind making sales at your booth, let attendees know they can get a percentage off their purchase when they sign up for your newsletter. When there is an immediate benefit, attendees will remember this after the trade show, and may not mind being contacted in the future.

Future Fulfillments

You can also use the promise of a future benefit to get attendees to provide their details. However, you’ll have to make sure the “prize” you’re offering is worthwhile. For instance, if you have a subscription service, let attendees know you will offer them a free month of services if they agree to provide an e-mail address. You can also keep in touch with your leads to inform them of incentives for becoming loyal customers over time. This can encourage more sales, especially if you exhibit great customer service at the trade show and don’t inundate them with information after the marketing event.


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