Colors not to Use at Your Trade Show Exhibit

When creating your trade show kiosks, you want to keep the aesthetics of it in mind. Your trade show display will be the very first impression people get from your brand. Keep in mind that first impressions are lasting impressions. The very first impression potential clients get from your kiosks will be their first look at your display, so you want to make it count. Your trade show booth should be attention-grabbing and interesting to look at.

For the aesthetics of your trade booth display, you want to create an open, yet captivating look. The idea is to grab the attention of the attendees through the appearance of your booth. Your booth should speak for itself. It should be very self-explanatory and straight to the point. It should show the products or services you have to offer in a unique and creative way.

The right color will make your exhibit stand out from the rest. You need to know what colors not to use at your trade show exhibit. The following colors should not be used at all if you want to have a successful trade show exhibition.


The color white is neutral. It will blend in with the rest of the trade show displays, so you want to stay away from a completely white display. Instead, you want to consider bright colors such as blue, yellow, red and orange. These colors are attention grabbing, which is what you want when you are displaying your products and services.


Just like the color white, the color black will blend in with the rest of the trade show displays. You do not want to have a fully black display. The color black has a shrinking effect. Therefore, if your trade show display is a smaller booth using the color black will make it appear even smaller, which might be the opposite of the image you want to create.

Neon Tones

Contrary to popular belief, neon tones should not be a big part of your display. Using neon tones such as neon pink, yellow, orange, and green as the main color for your trade booth display will cause it to become visually unappealing. Although you want to use bright colors that will give your booth that attention-grabbing boldness, the intensity that neon colors provide will distract rather than attract visitors.

One Solid Color

When you are building your custom trade show display, you want to stay away from using one solid color. You do not want to have a trade show exhibit that offers only one color; instead, consider combining multiple colors that represent your brand. These colors should be intertwined with your brand logo and with the overall aesthetics of your display. Your display should tell a story while captivating the eyes and interest of the trade show attendees.

Too Many Colors

Much like one solid color can turn people away from your booth, too many colors can do the same. Too many colors in your display can make your booth appear cluttered. A cluttered display prevents your audience from finding the information they need. It distracts them and may make them confused as to your overall message.

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