Colored Lighting for Trade Shows

There are a lot of ways to make your trade show exhibit stand out, and lighting is a great way to make sure your trade show furniture looks its best. Lights in specific colors can make a huge difference in the way that attendees see your products and services, so here are some tips to keep in mind when you are trying to choose the right lighting.


The color red can be overwhelming if you use it too much, but it is also a hue that represents passion and excitement. If you want your products to have an irresistible appeal to attendees, soft red lighting that highlights your best sellers is a great idea. Just make sure the entire trade show exhibit is not lit in red. This can be harsh on the eyes. A medium shade of red is usually best since it makes it easy to see the features of your product without making customers squint or stand back.


Blue makes a great color for trade show lighting because it sends the message that your company is trustworthy and has an expert level of skill and knowledge. The color is also easy on the eyes, so you won’t have to worry about attendees being turned away from your kiosks because of bright hues. Blue is also ideal to use for lighting if most of your marketing materials are a neutral shade since blue can make beige or tan tablecloths look brighter.


If you’re selling luxury products and want attendees to get the feeling your company is refined without coming across as too opulent, gold is a great color to use for lighting. Gold is a muted version of yellow, so the light won’t be so blinding, even when attendees come closer to your booth. If you have trade show furniture or table decor in bright colors or jewel tones, gold lighting will showcase these pieces nicely. You can also use a more vivid shade of gold for feature lighting if you want to showcase a particular product or marketing feature.


Green can serve as a fun and upbeat color when you’re selling products that are designed to improve the health of customers, or if you’re selling electronics or devices that are environmentally friendly. Green is a color not often used in marketing events, so a medium shade of green that makes your products easy to see while making your entire trade show booth attractive will likely get you the right attention from attendees. Just make sure the lighting you choose isn’t too dark. This could cast a bit of a gloomy shadow on your products and turn customers away.

These are just some of the ideas you can use when you want to make sure your trade show counters can be seen from across the room. To showcase several small products, lights in multiple colors can also add appeal to your booth and pique the interests of attendees who could turn into long-term customers.

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