Business Partnerships for Trade Shows

Now that you have attended a few trade shows, you have likely made friends with some other business owners and have seen some of the ways your companies could work together to benefit everyone. If you are thinking of creating a business partnership, here are some suggestions to keep in mind so that the partnership is organized and successful.


Promotional Materials

First, work with your business partner to create a marketing package that includes promotional materials for both companies. You should also have a pamphlet or white paper in your promotional package that explains the mission of both companies and how your products and services work together. Make sure the promotional trade show materials you offer are practical so the attendee will use them often and see your brand logo on a regular basis. For instance, if you’ve partnered with a software company and you sell technology-related items as well, items, such as a USB drive or mousepad, will make marketing materials that increase brand recognition in a practical way.


Equal Representation

As you are getting your trade show equipment together, make sure that both companies are equally represented in the booth. Representatives from your company and your business partner’s organization should be at both trade show booths if you have both decided to set up an exhibit. However, if you don’t want to have multiple counters, make sure you and your business partner have the same amount of team members. Team members should have T-shirts or marketing attire on from the company they represent so attendees can clearly see that you’re working together to provide a quality product or service.


Coupons and Samples

There are few things more appealing to attendees than getting free items from a trade show. Choose your trade show accessories wisely, and be sure to include all your contact information, so that attendees know how to get in touch with you after the trade show. Offer one coupon from your company and one coupon from your business partner’s organization or a provide a provisional coupon. For example, give attendees half of one of your products when they sign up for a service from your business partner. Your willingness to work as a community is likely to be appealing to potential customers. This is also a good time to make sure that you’ve included all the contact information for both companies, and to inform attendees about newsletters and future promotions.


Technological Advances

Finally, make sure that your partnership with a fellow business is technologically advanced. You and your partner can work on an app collaboration that you’ll debut at the trade show. The app can make it easier to access the websites for both businesses, and could also serve as a way for clients to easily order products and services. Be sure to announce your partnership with all your social media outlets as well, and live stream the actual trade show so that customers from both companies can see that the two organizations are working together.

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