Best New Features for Your Trade Show Booth

If you’ve been attending trade shows for a while, you and your team may be in the process of coming up with new ways to make your exhibit more exciting. There are several features you can add to your trade booth to increase its visual appeal and the interest of the attendees, so here are some suggestions to consider.

Free Items

When you’re gathering trade show materials, you should factor free items into your budget. Attendees will find this attractive and this may motivate them to purchase items from you in the future. When you offer a sample or a free service that is new to your company, you could motivate potential customers to learn more about what you have to offer. You can also offer promotional cards that feature coupon codes attendees can use online to get free promotional items with a purchase.

New Table Covers

This may seem minor, but table covers can make a huge difference in the way your exhibit looks. If most of your marketing materials are neutral in color, choose a bright or jewel-toned table cover that will stand out against all your other promotional items. Colors, such as orange or yellow, are bright and inviting, and may be effective in drawing attendees to your booth. If you decide to use a vivid shade, make sure this is the most noticeable part of your exhibit to provide visual balance.


New technological items, such as tablets and smartphones, are an appealing way to collect leads during the trade show. You can also use apps to help gather this information in a way that is easy for attendees. Tablets can also be used to display product commercials to potential customers, and you can use features, such as livestreaming, to engage those who are interested in your company but unable to attend the show.


Add a little music to your exhibit when you’re putting together your trade show materials. You can do this by adding a sound system to your table so attendees can enjoy the music while interacting with you and asking questions about your products. Music can also be part of the appeal when you’re asking attendees to fill out their contact information on a mobile device, so you can follow up with them later. Music can also be part of your promotional commercials since this can help to deepen the impression of your business and make your marketing commercials more entertaining.


Finally, figure out what trade show furniture pieces will allow you to hold a raffle at your booth. You may need to get a prize wheel that will fit attendees’ business cards, so you can draw from the wheel and choose a potential customer, who could then win a prize. You can also use the raffle table for a wheel that spins and lands on a prize that you’re offering, such as a gift basket or free items from some of your business partners. These tactics can make your booth more memorable so attendees will refer to you when they need your services in the future.

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