Appealing to Attendees with Trade Show Signage

Your trade show signage says a lot about your business and gives attendees their first impression of your company before they come up to your booth. The right wording and the proper colors for your signs can also give off subconscious messages to potential customers that make them want to patronize your company. If you want to make a lasting impression on attendees, keep these tips in mind so your signs will be some of the most attractive at the trade show.


The right colors for your trade show signage make a huge impact on the way attendees view your business. If you use bright hues, such as yellow and red, you can evoke excitement in attendees and make them hungry, which is great if you have edible items for sale. However, be sure not to use too much of these colors, so attendees can feel comfortable coming close to the booth without feeling visually overwhelmed. Trade show signs that have shades of green are ideal if your company prides itself on environmentally sound practices, or you sell items that are natural or organic. If you want to use shades of blue or purple for your signs, you’ll be sending the message your business is professional and elegant, and your team members are skilled and friendly. A mixture of neutral shades and neon colors sends the message your business is both professional and artistic, which is also appealing to customers who are looking for something new to try.


Use compelling wording to make the signs at your counters more appealing. If your business has won awards recently, include this on your sign. If you are one of the top companies in your industry, your signage can make this known, too. Be sure to get your message across with as little words as possible. This will get attendees interested enough to get to your table and ask further questions.


One compelling question could be the tool you need to get potential customers to come to your trade show exhibit. For instance, if you have a gourmet snack company, you may ask your attendees if they are looking for all-natural snacks that will promote weight loss or energy in the form of signage. You can also ask if attendees want free or discounted items on your signage to get customers to come to your table and inquire about your business. Work with your team to come up with one question that is thought-provoking or exciting to get the attention of everyone who passes your booth.


Include all the information that attendees will want to know about your business on the signage so you can spend most of your time talking to customers about specific questions they have about your company. Your contact details should be clearly seen on the signage, as well as your social media handles and your website. This will give attendees all the tools they need to contact your business when they want to make a purchase or consider a business partnership.

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