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Affordable Trade Show Décor Options

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Finding creative ways to decorate your trade show booth can be a bit of a challenge if you’re on a strict budget. But, it’s certainly not impossible to have trendy and eye-catching trade show furniture at your booth that will attract potential customers. When you want to decorate your trade show area in a way that will stand out without wrecking your budget, remember these helpful tips.


Tablecloths can make a huge difference in the way your trade show counters look. A cloth that has a satin finish and is in the colors of your company’s logo can easily make the entire display look more appealing. Just be sure not to choose a fabric, such as silk, if you have marketing materials that could slide off the table. You can even have a specialty tablecloth made with your company’s name or logo on it. If this is the main display piece, you can spend a little more of the budget on this and purchase promotional items that are more affordable to make sure you don’t overspend.

Furniture Pieces

Look at possible trade show furniture that you already have at your office to find pieces you can take to your marketing event. For instance, if you have stylish chairs that aren’t too large, you can bring those for attendees to sit in if they want to watch a product demo or have questions about your services. If the chairs are already in your office, there’s a good chance they will be the same color as your logo or in a coordinating color. These can serve as décor for the trade show, and you won’t even have to spend extra money.

Electronic Devices

If you’ve got an electronic device, such as a monitor or tablet, to show a video of how your products work, you’ll likely draw attendees and prompt them to ask questions about what you have to offer. Be sure to get devices that are as large as possible, so all the details of your product will be easy to see. You can also show testimonials from other satisfied customers or video interviews with your team members who can further explain what you have to offer. This is another decorative yet functional item you may not have to spend any extra money on if you already have a tablet or computer in your office.

One Feature Piece

It’s a good idea to splurge on one signature piece that will make the entire trade show exhibit visually appealing. If you’re handing out marketing materials to attendees, you can create these handouts with supplies you already have in the office. You can use posters or banners from previous trade shows to display your contact information if the details are current. However, get one piece that will grab everyone’s attention, such as a popcorn machine, so you can give guests a snack when they visit your booth. Combining expensive pieces with more affordable ones can help you create a booth display that will help you make the right impression.


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