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5 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Eco-Friendly

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There are so many different types of trade show materials involved in a typical trade show exhibit – large banners, signage, rugs, lighting, printed handouts, etc. Each item is a tool for making connections and building the success of your business. However, each can also have a real impact on the environment. Taking a step back and looking at ways to make your trade show exhibit eco-friendlier has several advantages. It can save on costs, will put your conscience at ease, and can improve your reputation with customers and colleagues who respect the environment. If you’re not sure where to start, these tips can help:

Tip No. 1: Make your display is reusable.

Many of your trade show supplies, such as table throws, banners, backdrops, etc., are durable enough to be reused. While you do want to update these items to make sure they keep up with changes in your branding, you should still be able to use them many times. Handle them with care, clean and store them properly, and avoid printing overly specific information on them, such as the year or name of the conference.

Tip No. 2: Try branded flash drives instead of printouts.

Most exhibitors have two main types of trade show accessories: branded freebies (or “swag”), such as pens, mugs, and mouse pads, and informative printouts, such as brochures and more detailed information sheets. You can combine these while saving enormous amounts of paper by instead having small flash drives customized with your business logo, and loading digital copies of your trade show materials onto them. As a bonus, you will stand out better than a company with printouts that each visitor ends up with by the end of the show.

Tip No. 3: Use LED bulbs.

Your trade show booth lighting should be planned carefully to create a welcoming yet professional and exciting atmosphere. Depending on how extensive your exhibit is, though, the lighting can be very inefficient and environmentally harmful. Not only are LEDs eco-friendlier, but they’re also cost-effective. They last longer and use less energy.

Tip No. 4: Use recycled materials for your freebies.

Did you know there are pens made from recycled materials? Using an environmentalist eye when you’re shopping for the trade show accessories to hand out can help endear you to the eco-friendlier visitors. In addition to recycled pens, you can also print on recycled paper and offer environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags and water bottles.

Tip No. 5: E-mail materials instead of printing them out.

Printouts are among the most common, most disposable, and most environmentally impactful types of trade show supplies. Instead, consider offering to e-mail the materials to your visitors after the trade show. Not only does this help the planet’s resources, but it also gives you an excuse to follow up. You will also avoid getting lost in the sea of papers that attendees tend to collect.

Tips like these can truly be a triple threat by helping your trade show exhibit to be more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective, AND more successful in making a lasting impression on your visitors.


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