5 Things to Include in Your Pop-up Display

Trade shows are notorious for having a large variety of different and unique pop-up trade show displays. Every brand that attends a trade show knows it is extremely important to display its products and services in the best light to intrigue trade show attendees with what they have to offer. Although everyone at the trade show exhibition is trying to be unique and different all while showcasing their brand, there are certain essentials every pop-up trade show display should include to have a successful event.

Including the following items in your pop-up display will allow you to have a successful event all while showcasing your products and services. Here are five things to include in your pop-up display.

Simple Messaging

The reason companies attend trade shows is to share their message about their products or services with as many people as possible. When you are creating your display kiosks, you want to have your message be as clear as possible. Simplicity is best when you want to ensure people understand what you are trying to help them with. If your message is unclear or too complicated, the attendees will not want to interact with your booth or ask questions on how your product and services can help them.

Make your message clear, simple, and cohesive to get it across effectively.

Branding & Logos

Your brand logo needs to be one of the very first things the attendees who are walking around see. You want a unique logo that embodies your business motto. It needs to be unique enough that attendees want to ask what your logo means.

Displayed Products

You want to put your products on display as much as you can. If possible, consider doing a live demonstration and including the audience. Exhibit visitors are much more likely to remember an experiential display with a brochure than the brochure alone. If you can demonstrate how your product can solve a visitor’s problem, they are much more likely to buy it. When displaying your products, you want to make sure they are visible and well organized. You also want to make sure there are enough products on hand in case any of the attendees are interested in purchasing them. If not, let visitors know how they can purchase your product.

Call to Action

If there is no call to action on your trade show booth display, attendees will not know what you want from them. You want to make it clear to everyone attending your exhibit that you want them as part of your team of customers. Having a visible call to action displayed on your booth will encourage attendees to make a move and give you their information.

A Small Thank You

Being friendly goes a long way. Your display should feature a small thank you note or message to all attendees that stop by your booth. People want to know they are appreciated which is where a small thank you will come in handy.

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