5 reasons your trade show banner should be as big as possible

If you are getting ready to customize your trade-show kiosk, you may want to consider adding banners. Many exhibitors tend to shy away from banners because they can sometimes be overwhelming when they are done incorrectly. The idea is to have a banner that will convey a message while drawing in attendees. Additionally, we believe trade-show banners should be as big as possible. Here are five reasons why.

Can be seen from a farther distance

If you are in the corner or not as centered as you would like at an exhibition, making your banner as big as possible will ensure attendees catch a glimpse of what you have to offer regardless of how far away you are. The goal is to catch the eyes of as many attendees as possible, and that is exactly what having a larger banner can do.

That being said, when you are creating your large banner, you should make sure that the images and wording are legible from a distance. The last thing you want is for attendees to not be able to see your message.

Draws attention

Trade-show retractable banners are great because they draw attention to the booth while, at the same time, are able to be moved from one area to another because they are retractable. With these banners, you want to choose a colorful background. The colorful background is another excellent method to be alluring and eye catching to everyone who passes by.

Convey your message

The bigger the banner, the more space you will have to convey the message you want to display. What this means is you can fit more than one line on the banner. Not only that but it will be more legible because the words are also a couple sizes larger.

Better customization

A larger banner means you have a larger canvas to customize. Therefore, it gives you the access and space you need to help it blend in better with your exhibit. Many trade-show banners tend to not blend in as well with the booth because they are considered an exterior accessory. Consider adding a large customized banner inside of your booth to create a buzz around your brand.

Excellent photo opportunity

Having a large linear banner is an excellent photo opportunity. Trade-show attendees are always looking for the latest and most eye-catching aspect at an expo with which to take a picture. If your banner conveys an alluring message along with being larger than life, there is a very good chance attendees will take a photo with your banner and posting it on social media. This will create a buzz about your products and how the banner intrigued others.

Make sure your banner offers a hashtag that attendees can use. This will allow you to easily find the images and upload them to your personal website and social media accounts. It’s also an excellent marketing idea as their followers will notice your brand even though they did not attend the exposition.

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