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4 reasons renting a display can cost you more than you expected

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Trade show exhibits are expensive. However, renting your display instead of buying one has always seemed like the more cost-friendly method when it comes to trade-show exhibits.

Furthermore, we have always been large advocates when it comes to renting a display instead of purchasing one. However, over the years we have noticed that many exhibitors are actually wasting more money renting a display than they would if they would purchase a display. Here are four reasons why renting a display can cost you way more than you expected.

Ongoing Cost

The number one reason renting a trade-show kiosk can cost more than you expected is because of the ongoing cost that comes with it. If you purchase a kiosk for $34,000, that is the only amount of money you will need to pay to own the booth and use it again. There are other fees, such as changing a few things here and there over the years to guarantee a fresh look every time, but, for the most part, those are minimal changes.

However, when you are renting your booth, you will need to pay the suggested amount every time you are going to an exhibition. This can add up to a larger cost than simply buying an exhibit.

Limited options

When it comes to renting your booth, you do not have the ability to customize it to your liking as you are not building a custom booth for your brand. Furthermore, you will notice that there is a lack of options when it comes to finding exactly what you want and need. Because of the lack of options, it may cause you to purchase different additions, such as trade show furniture or trade show accessories that will make the booth appear more personal. Doing so will add to the cost of renting the booth.


When a trade-show booth is rented, you need to be extra careful how to install and dismantle it. The reason is many times the kiosk-building companies charge hidden fees for items that have been broken or not returned properly. Furthermore, many of these company’s do not include a dismantle and installation service in their initial charge. This can cause you to hire a separate company to put everything together.


When you are renting, you are relying on your trade-show rental company of choice to have the booth that you want when you want it. This can cost you to have to rent your booth ahead of time in order to guarantee that it will be available for your exhibition. This can cost you extra because you are asking the company to store a kiosk that it cannot use until it hears from you again.

Renting a trade-show booth may seem like an excellent idea when you are going to your first exhibition. However, if you plan on taking your company to several different trade show events, you may want to purchase a custom booth that provides everything you want to convey to the attendees.


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