4 Custom Pop-up Display Must-Haves


f you are planning to have an exhibit at a trade show but have never presented an exhibit, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Trade show exhibits were created to bring together like-minded people interested in a particular topic, subject, or item. They not only bring together like-minded people they also help brands and businesses grow. The key to helping your business grow at a trade show exhibition is having a custom pop-up display that attracts as many people as possible. Attracting people to your booth should be one of your main priorities because the more people are interested in your booth, the easier it will be to share your message and products with them.

Let’s get to the designing aspect of your pop-up display. Designing your custom kiosk is considered one of the most stressful parts of attending trade shows because you want your trade show display to be creative yet unique and simple all at the same time. To achieve this, you want to include these four, custom, pop-up display must-haves.

Good Lighting

There will be lighting at the trade show exhibition, but it may not be enough to showcase your custom pop-up displays. To avoid having a dark display you want to consider adding lights to your trade show booth. Adding lights will help bring attention to the products you are displaying. If your trade show booth has shelves, you may want to consider adding lights underneath the shelves to bring your display and products to life.

Hot Spot

The Internet connection is not always the greatest at trade show exhibits, especially when hundreds of people are trying to connect at the very same time. Often, trade show exhibitions will offer free wi-fi to attendees, but a wi-fi connection being shared by thousands might get laggy or extremely slow. If you want your trade show experience to go viral and for your products to be on social media, you want to consider having an internet hot spot at your booth.

Although this will be an expensive investment, it will be one investment that pays back in large dividends because more people will want to be near your booth for internet service. Such proximity will allow you to reach a wider range of people, even those who initially just wanted free internet.

The Color Red

If you are going to use any color on your trade show display, consider using the color red. The color red is eye catching and attractive to the eye. People are attracted to the color red and tend to gravitate towards it. If your booth can attract visitors, you will be able to speak to them and convert them into a viable lead.

A Unique Factor

Think about what makes your brand unique. Whatever it is, make sure you not only include it but clearly emphasize it in your trade show display. The more unique you are, the better chance you have of beating out your competition. Keep in mind every company who attends a trade show is competing for the attention of the same group of consumers; therefore, you need to find a way to stand out.

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