3 Ways To Put On A Remarkable Trade Show Exhibit

All too common at trade shows are the plain tables draped in a cloth, with a dull backdrop, where the marginally different images struggle and often fail to engage viewers. So how do you overcome that? What’s the best way to break away and catch peoples’ attention? Here are some tips from us here at Exhibit Wholesale.

Make It Unique!
This may sound trite at face value, but you know it’s not because you’ve been to shows and seen the number of displays that are just minor variations of the same thing. Go to the effort and set aside the budget to make your display truly unique. One way to do this is developing a versatile booth that can be adapted to different sizes with relative ease.

Let Your Marketing Wander!
Promotional items are practically synonymous with the trade show experience. It’s marketing that puts your brand and message right in your audience’s hand, but often only on the hope that it stays there. How do you increase the chance of your target audience holding onto and remembering your promo items? Make the items you give away durable, and of solid quality. It’s also well worth it to invest in a couple of larger, high value items for giveaways.

Wherever possible, offer demos of your product or service. If it’s impossible for audiences to experience it in person at the tradeshow, bring along a video or other digital demo for visitors to interact with. Engagement is the most important factor in getting conversions from trade shows.

Exhibit Wholesale is here to facilitate all your trade show exhibit needs. Whatever you can imagine, we can help you make it a reality. For displays of every size, and the accessories to showcase them to their fullest, contact us at Exhibit Wholesale and bring your dream display to life!

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