3 Biggest Tradeshow Challenges


Running a trade show booth is difficult. You’ll be stacked up against numerous other companies, even some direct competitors, vying for the attention of prospective of clients and investors. Each trade show comes with challenges that are unique to it, but also with some that are fairly common. Your team at Exhibit Wholesale understands these challenges all too well, and we’ve put together a guide on some of the biggest ones, and what needs to be done to overcome them.

  1. Staffing a booth

When it comes to staffing a booth, there are a few major considerations, but it ultimately comes down to the question of whether you can comfortably provide dedicated staff for a booth. Sometimes this is difficult because you’re a small business, that needs all its staff, or just a very business that still needs all its staff. If you find that you can’t spare staff, but see a significant need or opportunity to participate in  a trade show, a good option is outsourcing to a tradeshow contractor that will handle virtually everything.

  1. Generating leads

Arguably the most important objective of a trade show appearance is accruing solid new leads for your business, whether in the form of customer leads, or professional relationships. The best way to meet this challenge is to facilitate the process as much as possible by giving attendees multiple opportunities and mediums to become leads.

  1. Plan every step

Trade shows are often very chaotic, and every moment of your time on the floor might be occupied. Having a plan from beginning to end will give you greater confidence in handling surprises that will inevitably pop up along the way. You’ll want to factor in everything from transportation and storage of parts and documents, to the timing of arrival, set up, break down and departure.

All along the way, your Exhibit Wholesale can help you prepare for and overcome these challenges! Not only that, we can ensure that your booth stands out and is the success you expect it to be. Contact us today to start design your booth and planning your presentation!

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